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Tug of War - Savings vs. Investment

5 Reasons to Pay Down Your Debt First

You should always pay down your debt before making investments. You will improve your credit and save money with less hassle.

  • Ben Johnson

Debt Consolidation Calculator

Free debt consolidation calculator for Canadian homeowners. Find out how much you can save on your debts, what your payments will be and how quickly you can reduce your debt

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Debt Consolidation FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Debt Consolidation

We provide answers to the most common questions on debt consolidation - what are the interest rates, terms, qualification standards....

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clean up your christmas credit card debt

Clean Up Your Christmas Credit Card Debt

Leftover credit card debt is almost as bad as fruitcake, but at least you can re-gift fruitcake. Don't hang on to credit card debt unnecessarily.

  • Ben Johnson

How Our Debt Consolidation Process Works

We provide answers to the most common questions on debt consolidation along with an easy explanation of how our Debt Consolidation Process works.

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clean up your credit card debt

10 Great Reasons to Transfer Your Credit Card Debt to a Home Equity Loan

Transferring your debt from credit cards to a home equity loan is a great way to improve your finances, raise your credit rating and reduce your debt faster. This article outlines 10 great reasons to consolidate your credit card debt and provides access to other educational content and online tools.

  • Ben Johnson
Virtuous Cycle of Debt Consolidation

Virtuous Cycle of Debt Consolidation

This articles explains what we call the Virtuous Cycle of Debt Consolidation - the continual process of debt reduction, credit repair, and better financing that can save you thousands. We explain how it works and provide a number of additional resources.

  • Ben Johnson
easy guide to debt consolidation

Easy Guide to Debt Consolidation

Want to know more about debt consolidation and how you can save money, raise your credit rating, and get out of debt faster without increasing your monthly payments? We provide a simple walk-through and explanation of the process.

  • Ben Johnson
Free debt consolidation calculator

Custom Debt Consolidation Report

Interested in how debt consolidation can save you money? We are now offering free, customized Debt Consolidation Options Reports so you can see what options are available to you.

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How to Consolidate Debt Properly

Curious about debt consolidation? What it is, how it works, how to do it properly? We answer all the common questions and provide a real life example of debt our debt consolidation process.

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A Quick Tip to Pay Down Your Mortgage Faster

Trying to pay down your mortgage faster? Making lump sum or accelerated payments are good ideas, but there are better options available. This article discusses easy ways to pay down your mortgage faster.

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carrying debt

6-Tips on How to Consolidate Your Debt

Curious about debt consolidation? Wondering whether it is right for you? We provide some helpful tips to get you started.

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